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We are a community of ladies who will help lift up, encourage, and support our ladies in their goals and successes.  No mater the background, ethnicity, religious beliefs, where you spend your vacations (or don’t spend) if you have kids or don’t, married, divorced, widowed - We care about you.

Our Facebook Group Community is the online space where ladies can stay connected between our F2F Coffee Meetups, Dinner Outings, Movie Gatherings, Vision Board and Yearly Goal Planning meetings! It’s here that you’ll find the most dynamic and fastest growing community of ladies who strive to Encourage, Inspire, and Connect.

Our only ask of you?? Strive to Encourage, Inspire, and Connect by engaging with the ladies here. Whatever it is you are struggling with or want to highlight know you are safe here. (Family, Business, Event Locations, Announcing Successes, Awesome Community Interactions) Our group of Admins and Moderators help to foster inclusiveness, innovation, and engagement.

Come check us out and be ready to feel at home :) 



Coffees & Connect

As it is in todays world of networking, it's fly in, grab some cards, promise to follow up and head on home or to your next appointment. 
We work to provide you a curated space to really connect and leave with more than business cards. Great conversation, great connections, great value. All that we need to make it better? You


Different Communities

While we know that our main events will be held at 8:30am for our Coffees, we know that not every lady out there can make it. That's why we make it our mission to provide at least ONE after hours or lunch event per month. 

It's important to provide the space and environment for the ladies in our community to actually meet in person. These meetings will look different just about every meeting, whereas our Friday Morning Coffees will be the same format across the board. 

We love structure just like we love our coffee. Warm, Flexible for when we feel like changing it up, but we need it every day!



Taking our Mission World Wide

When you realize what you have here...there's no way to contain it. The deeper relationships. The business connections. The fun. The space that connects us. 

Our Ambassadors are passionate about spreading our language and mission. Getting the word out to those around us about how fulfilling it is to be part of an amazing organization that strives to help women overcome fear of not fitting together and fills your heart with deeper and more beneficial connections. 

If you are interested in being part of our Ambassador Team, apply below.

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Hello Beauitful! Why don't you join us?!

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