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What Does That Really Mean?

Connect | Encourage | Inspire

What does that really mean? I sometimes wonder if our mission for Women Influencers is ever really clear for others who don't live in my brain. Ha, how we wish others could just read our mind sometimes but other times we shudder at thought of someone else seeing our cRaZy. (Or hearing it anyway)

I've always believed there's way more to business networking than picking up some business cards at a local networking event and going home. Most people never even follow up after they secure those priceless cards. (At least that's how it feels when the other person gives it to you right? But two weeks later they're at the back of your top drawer in your desk...hiding and hoping you might find them again. Toy Story for Business Cards. PRICELESS)

This feeling in my gut is what eventually led me to wanting to surround myself with other amazing women. Doing amazing things. Creating their own success and breaking those glass ceilings. I know that my innate drive is special and that there HAVE TO BE other women out there like me. Ladies who would lift me with encouragement and give honest feedback without stabbing me in the heart at the same time. (Or back as most all of us have encountered)

That started this crazy journey of learning, studying, immersing myself in similar spaces, asking why, researching more, and trying crazy innovation after crazy innovation to find what works. It's definitely not been pretty, this journey. There have been many nights of tired frustrated tears and even deep friendship heartbreak. But what I have determined is that I. AM. NOT. ALONE.

And Beautiful, neither are you.

Women Influencers was created for like minded women.

Women like you.

Women who are striving for more in their lives. Reaching. Failing. Getting back up.

Women who WANT know what it's like to screw something up so bad but have another woman encourage you as you fumble your way through to your success.

Connecting |

In real life and online. This isn't one or the other. The basis of Women Influencers is to help educate women on how to utilize the psychology behind online recognition and in person relationships.

Encouraging |

The Ladies in Women Influencers don't just go about life, trying to figure it out. We lift each other up and encourage each other in our strengths. Almost holding each other accountable to our actions to create our successes.

Inspiration |

Women Influencers hopes to connect women in different business cycles, life stages, backgrounds, and all socio economic strata. This diversity is what drive inspiration. When we all look the same, speak the same - we think the same. And there is NO GROWTH IN BORING.

But what I have determined is that I. AM. NOT. ALONE.

Women Influencers' Mission |

To provide the space for women to deepen relationships by connecting on a deeper level and encouraging and inspiring each other in our successes.

Vision |

Women Influencers is the place for women to go for encouragement, confidence, connections, inspiration, and a boost to LAUNCH themselves to their goal. Our vision is to provide a space that feels welcoming and so inspiring that will can't help but burst with enthusiasm as they share their aspirations without the fear of being judged.

And we aren't just talking about providing the space for only women here in Arkansas. Beautiful, we can't keep this secret to just our space. How encouraging would that be to never invite other amazing women to a seat at our table? We must connect and pull out the seat for her, so she can join us as well.

Be ready to LEAD

Be ready to ENCOURAGE

Be ready to INSPIRE

Be read to CONNECT

Cause we can't be amazing alone!

Women Influencers

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