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Guest Post by: Caroline Carpenter owner of ADIO Whole Body Healing

WIUSA ~ Let's be real...we are all getting older. Ha! (I know us ladies don't like to admit this..but it's these years that bring us wisdom, right?) These years also bring us Friday evenings in the house watching Downtown Abby or having brunch with girlfriends on Sunday. So they can't all be bad, right?

I'll try to remember that the next time I stand up out of my computer chair and can't stand up straight until I've walked 10-15...hahaha

You know how it is, "GEEEEZ I need cooooffee"..hunched over, I waddle over to the Nespresso and crank out my 3rd double shot for the day.

This. Is. My. Life.

And I'm slowly learning that all of this is only symptomatic of ALL THE NOT SO GOOD ways I treat my body! (I'm learning there IS such a thing as too much coffee!) I really should be drinking up that water and stretching those muscles. But I'm no not at all.

Which is why we started having a convo with a local Chiropractor about how to better care for our bodies. So if you want some top tips, read on! Then give her a shout and set up your consult! ~ WIUSA

Caroline ~You sit down at a desk to type up a document and 27 minutes later your should

are clenched to your ears followed by annoying neck pain, dull headache, and need for

a caffeine IV...You gingerly bend down to pick up a pencil from the floor and throw your

entire back out...Or maybe you reach for the coffee pot, only to now be convinced you’ve

developed carpal tunnel since it seems your wrist doesn’t work anymore...

We’ve all been trained to think that pain is the site of the problem. This is usually NEVER

the case!

Typically (except in the case of blunt force injury or tiger attack) pain is a symptom that

your body now needs help. Pain usually lands in the spot that can no longer carry the load or do the work that is being demanded of it. So addressing that area may

soothe the problem temporarily, but it will usually return unless the root cause is addressed. The site of pain is the effect of COMPENSATION patterns your body has developed to meet demands around an injury.

Most methods focus on the pain, which is usually the last thing to show up and the first thing to disappear with any treatment. Finding and properly addressing the CAUSE is the only way to assure you aren’t constantly band-aiding for the same problem over and over again.

What we do at ADIO is address the cause, based on your goals, within your comfort zone.

We’ve all been trained to think that pain is the site of the problem. This is usually NEVER the case!

Tension & Pain driving you nuts? Here are a few things to try...


Many times increased tension or pains indicate dehydration. Try drinking a glass of water when you feel the urge to take in caffeine, sugar, or sweets. Coconut water is also a great choice.


This is a wonderful and natural anti-inflammatory to try in place of typical over-the-counter pain relievers devoid of most of the side effects

Spa day

A warm bath is not only relaxing but will increase blood flow to major muscles groups and can lower blood pressure. (Pro-tip: Add a few drops of lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus to increase the relaxation factor. Epsom salt also helps with soreness and muscle fatigue or tightness).

Restorative Yoga

Gentle and easy on the body. These classes are designed to rejuvenate and relax your mind, body, and spirit with very little impact. Blankets and pillows are used so your body doesn’t have to do the work!

Support your cells with nutritious foods

Pain can come from nutrients not getting into your cells and toxins not leaving your cells. Whenever you feel the need to snack on cakes, cookies, candies, or fried foods, have a vegetable first! Your body just may thank you!

~Refuse to let others define you with their ideas of limitation~

Caroline Carpenter's passion is helping people move past current limitations, whether it’s physical, nutritional, or perceptive!

She founded ADIO Whole Body Healing from an injury she thought would define her for the rest of her life, an un-diagnosed thyroid and gut problem that she thought would limit her quality of life and well-being, forever.

“The body functions as a whole, and each person has a right to live the life of their dreams.” 🙌🏼

You can contact Caroline at:

501-353-2595 or

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