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Cross those Bridges

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

You can just see it, right? That nice slow relaxing walk through a beautifully tree'd park. The birds chirping and the grass so green you wonder if it's real. Looking over you see amazingly reflective water with a beautiful stone bridge crossing to the other side.

Building Business Relationships by Crossing the Bridge to Their Path
Bridge in Central Park, NYC / Cross the bridge and experience their path

What's the real meaning of this life? Stay on your own side? Your own path? Maybe walk alongside another person for a period of time?

Or is it to actually experience life with others? Crossing that bridge to their path?

This metaphor is not only applicable to our personal lives with our friends and family, but also in our professional lives. How many times have we walked into work, worked, and left. Even with having lunch with our co-workers, we never really listened to their heart and what they may have really been saying?

Yes, it's entirely possible to live this life on our own side of the bridge. And maybe we can actually be happy there... Going about our daily lives, fulfilling whatever needs we have. Writing a blog. Starting a business. Being a top performer at work. Who really knows. What I do know, from personal experience, is that while we work to strive for our own goals, getting there WHILE EXPERIENCING the paths of others, is wayyyyy more fulfilling.

When is the last time you sat down with a basic stranger and asked basic questions, shut up and listened without trying to add back into the conversation your own experiences? Just listened, nodded, asked further questions about the topic, all while being intentional about the time you were spending with them?

I read an amazing post over at Trello: 7 Overlooked Biases, that really helped me see all those little hidden things that might be holding us back from really being able to relate to other amazing women.

Yes, I know it can be hard when you want to slide in with your business idea or concept. You're busting from the seams to tell them all about your new product or service. >But what happens when you bump that into conversation? It's no longer about their heart and it becomes all about your selling... and the other person can FEEL it. Not just hear it, but it literally changes the feel of the space and the conversation.

Can I give you just a bit of advice and give you a clear call to action, that if you'd like to share the experience with me, I'd be happy to listen to your heart.

1. Find a like minded individual at an event. Be it work, family, friends, a night out, where ever.

2. Get their contact & tell them you will follow up because you find them interesting (It's best not to lie here because remember, they can FEEL it in the conversation.)

3. Actually. Follow. Up - and invite them to coffee, lunch, or the park for a walk. I usually discourage drinks because the conversation is rarely as genuine as more drinks are drunk.

4. Then meet them, make eye contact, smile, and be ready to LISTEN.

5. Then Listen. Connect. Develop Rapport - Then when the conversation is over, make it clear (IF it's the case) that you'd like to keep in contact.


Please remember - you can leave this conversation and go about your own path and never remember their bridge. OR you can make note of their bridge and find a way to walk their path with them.

An empty bench always feels nice for a while - but for too long it begins to feel lonely.

Two women walking their own paths that may never cross.
Two women on two different paths - Their paths are so close and they don't even realize it. If only they'd cross that bridge.

I'd like to know...

What is 1 tip you have on how to develop connections with others?

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