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The Journey and The Connections

Guest Post by: Cassandra Benning owner of The Floating Lotus

WIUSA: What does it mean to you to make a connection that you can see the long term growth in your personal life as well as your professional life? Have you taken time to see how those relationships actually produce growth for you or in your network?

Cassandra Benning, owner of The Floating Lotus here in Little Rock, Arkansas, shares with us the development of relationships and her own personal growth. Because we all know it's not always about the DOLLAR but about the effect on our lives. It's how we are affected by others and our effect on them...

So I want to ask you, before you read this... Do you know what your effect is on others? Is it positive? Is it encouraging growth? And when you realize what you do for others - Be sure to self evaluate and see how that has in turn affected you! :) ~ WIUSA

Cassandra ~ A year ago this month, I made it to my first Women Influencers AR coffee meeting. As an introvert, I really pushed outside my comfort zone when I decided to join, and it paid off.

It took some time for me to set up a one-on-one coffee date – it was like getting asked out on a real date! And, wow, we really hit it off: Not only did I make a connection with a local professional woman, but more importantly, I made a friend!

My first year in this group has seen that outcome repeated: I’ve built strong female relationships, connecting beyond a “what can I sell you” approach.

Around the same time that I joined WIAR, I also began a journey with a business coach. She suggested that my business, The Floating Lotus, sponsor a coffee; I signed up the following month for the next available opening, a full sponsorship in September 2019.

As September neared, I blocked off that time for my spa staff, so they could come to our sponsored coffee too. I wanted them to experience the community of professional women with whom I had been spending my second Friday mornings every month.

I was pleased to be able to share knowledge of helpful relaxation techniques that she could do right before bedtime, as well information on beneficial essential oils and nighttime teas.

But, I had no idea what sponsorship entailed – I only knew from attending meetings that I would be presenting a short introduction of myself.  The week before the sponsored meeting, I found out that in addition to the introduction, April, Women Influencers’ CEO, would be conducting a 15-minute interview with me. Bonus! Plus, April created a shareable Facebook event with a link so friends could watch the interview live and ask questions.

Finally, the day of the event arrived. After seating each of my staff at tables that would ensure they met new people, I got up and introduced myself, as well as them.  I had so much fun doing that and the interview!

Afterward, a young professional woman visited my table to find out more about the Floating Lotus. She mentioned that she struggled with insomnia, and I was pleased to be able to share knowledge of helpful relaxation techniques that she could do right before bedtime, as well information on beneficial essential oils and nighttime teas.

Yes, she could come try Yoga at The Floating Lotus, but I was happy to share my expertise to help another woman rather than simply trying to sell something to her. And that has been my biggest takeaway as a sponsor and as a member of Women Influencers AR: truly supporting the wellbeing of other professional women.

Cassandra Benning is the owner of The Floating Lotus Yoga Studio and Day Spa, a peaceful, inviting space that allows people to take time out from their busy schedules to nourish and renew mind, body and spirit. She believes that self-care is important to true wellbeing, which is why she opened The Floating Lotus in 2009. In addition to running a business, She shares her thoughtful, alignment-focused yoga style at benefits and events such as her annual Global Mala celebration and Fayetteville Yoga Fest. Cassandra earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Central Arkansas, as well as an aesthetician license and an E-RYT 500 yoga educator’s designation from Yoga Alliance. She has more than 8000 hours of yoga teaching knowledge and experience.

Go check her out on Facebook, their website, AND in their space in LR!

900 N. University Ave., Suite 4 | Little Rock, AR 72207

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