Conway Coffee Full Sponsor

Conway Coffee Full Sponsor

Full Coffee Sponsorship Includes

  • 3-5 Minutes to speak about your products or services to the community at the LR Coffee 
  • Sponsorship Table at the Coffee
  • Facebook Live within the community the week of the coffee you are sponsoring

(Must be done the week of your coffee. We are not responsorible for cancellations of the Live by the sponsor. If due to WIUSA, we will work with the sponsor to reschedule)

  • Guest Blog Post talking about how you service the business professional woman

(Must be turned emailed to 30 days prior to your coffee Sponsorship. We will schedule to post the week of the coffee. If not turned in we will not be able to post after your sponsored coffee)


Full Coffee Sponsorship Covers

  • Space
  • Food
  • Door Prizes
  • Event Needs
  • Fees
  • Any Future Coffees that are not funded
  • Full Sponsorship Info

    Want to have your face and the face of your business in front of over 5000 local women? Full Sponsorship is yoru way to do just that! A FB Live, Sponsorship Table at the coffee, and a chance to pitch your business at the coffee that will be recorded in the community!


    Please note that with the nature of our sponsorships, once you sponsor a coffee, there are no refunds. Replacement is only allowed at the discretion of the WIUSA Leadership Team.