Michelle Katz

I love meeting and getting to know other women with the same drive and motivation for life and career in my community!! This is a great community to find friends and partnerships!

Missa Brizendine

Incredible group of strong, supportive women. Proud to be a part of the community!

Sarah Heer

LOVE this group so much!!! Such a great group of like-minded women coming together for networking and fun!!

Tery Young

A group of beautiful women from all walks of life who build each other up. Support their visions and help them succeed.

Anna Bolte

Women Influencers has been an incredible resource not only for my business life,  but my personal life as well. It is a very welcoming community and I have made wonderful connections to other highly motivated women through it!

Whitney Gray

You've found the glittery magical door to a huge group of diverse women who are eager to support you in any way they can!

Ashley Pettus

I am so thankful for WIAR. Joining this group has brought me out of my shell, and back to who I used to be. I've met so many amazing women and built some true friendships.

Calli Turner

Love this community!